Who we are

francescoFrancesco Lescai

Francesco is the Chairman of the Task Group. He works in Aarhus in genetics of psychiatric disorders and precision medicine, and he's engaged since many years on young researchers careers, education and recognition of professional qualifications for biotechnologists.

contact: lescai -a-t- biotecnologi -dot- org
maccaSimone Maccaferri
Simone is the General Secretary of the Task Group. He is working on EU project management and strategy in Bologna. Simone has been President of ANBI, the Italian Association of Biotechnologists, and he's committed to international strategic collaborations between EU organisations.

contact: maccaferri -a-t- biotecnologi -dot- org
arturoArturo Blázquez Navarro
Arturo works in Berlin on mathematical modelling for biology. He is the Chief Delegate of FEBiotec to the EFB, and he participates in the TG activities to foster collaborations between EFB Institutional Members on the topics of lifelong learning and recognition of professional qualifications.
deboraDebora Keller
Debora works in London on fluorescence microscopy. She has been contributing for many years to the activities of YEBN (Young European Biotech Network), and since the establishment of the TG she is collaborating on news and communication.
emiliaEmilia Danilowicz
Emilia works in Boon on somatic cell reprogramming. She has been responsible in YEBN for many years of surveying the match of skills between young biotechnologists and companies in the field. She is bringing this knowledge into the activities of the TG, allowing collaboration with other EU institutions on the topic.